Era of Confusion

Era of Confusion


We are living in the richest era in human history, in which sources of knowledge have spread in an unprecedented abundance, and all sources, sciences, and references have become available to everyone. All the possibility of enlightenment has become available to all, and there is no such thing as withholding knowledge. nor someone able to monopolize knowledge. nor else dare to impose it on people. The time for the monopoly of rights over a certain class has ended. And every person has the right to express his opinion freely, publish it, show his direction, and see it for the whole world if he wants. Because of technology, knowledge and opinions have become available as never before. You now find the knowledge of thousands of years, and the opinions of thousands of people, all under your feet.

We thought that the above would make us see the light, distinguish the truth and know it in order to liberate man, and then we find more confusion and disorientation sweeping everyone.

We find that we are in the most turbulent time in humanity, with the spread of sources of knowledge, countless trends have emerged, religions, philosophies, approaches to life, cultures, all trying to build human life in their own way, and all of them claiming that what they say is the truth, and after it was The right is monopolized by a certain class in the past, everyone sees himself as possessing the right, with the utmost arrogance.

We have hundreds of religions talking about God and claiming to know Him. And in the midst of it, we find that Christianity alone has thousands of sects, and each of them depicts God in an image other than the other, and sometimes the opposite of the other. In fact, in the same sect, we find dozens of orientations of groups or individuals, each of which believes that he possesses the absolute right to know God[1]  . In order to prove the validity of what he says, and to make everyone who sees other than his words is a mistaken person.

Teaching conflicts and controversies spread in it as never before, and responses emerged between sects, sects and religions, each party trying to highlight the validity of what it adopted, advising the listeners, warning them of the different orientations with it, and denouncing the currents opposing it.

And now we have philosophies, methods, and cultures in life that avoid clashing with God and religion (so to speak), and set out to guide people on how to live, and to give people their outlook on life, with sweet and resonant words, and half-truths that seem really tempting, or with a wonderful analysis of life problems, but it is It becomes like a trap that blinds whoever receives it, so that they do not see that the solution is wrong.

Added to this is atheism, which denies the existence of God ferociously and violently, in a scientific or existential way.

We are in a time when you asked: “Who is God?” You will get all the answers you can imagine or not imagine. And if you ask: “Who is man?” You will not find an answer, because man is the origin of his being in God, and when God is distorted, man is lost

All this confusion and humiliation resulted in record numbers of rates of depression and mental illness. Sadness, failure and frustration with life spread, and the failure of relationships and the sense of rejection and lack of love spread, so that all of this stands as evidence proving that something is wrong.

And in the midst of all this, God stood sad and silent in front of all these allegations, because he knows that if he spoke openly, no one would hear, as everyone follows his thoughts impulsively[2]  . He only listens to himself.

In the midst of all that noise, in which his voice would be lost as it had been in past ages, God stood sad, forced to take the opportunity in every person’s life to whisper who he was. And he invites people to truly know him, so that they may be cured of all their many illnesses and hardships. And they return to his lap.

This compulsion of God is due to the hardness of our hearts. He waits for the opportunity in which the noise decreases, and he waits for the moments when the soul is humbled, and the barrier of pride and extreme self-centeredness comes down, and the hardness goes away, even for minutes or even moments, so He speaks there, hoping that man accepts the word, and it turns into life and it comes with much fruit.

And then, a person can distinguish the voice of God, from all the false voices, he sees it loud, clear, its power is incomparable with everything he heard before. His life will be enlightened, and he will see the light in a time of confusion.

If you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts (Hebrews 3:8).

[1] All human ways are straight in his eyes, and the Lord weighs hearts. (Proverbs 21:2)

[2] I stretch out my hands all day long to a rebellious people who walk in an unrighteous way after their thoughts. (Isaiah 65:2

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